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About Us was created in 2006, to connect Turks in entertainment industry to each other and to their colleagues all around the world. is the continuation of an internet group called TurkishEntertainmentIndustryUSA aka Turk-USA-Media, which was founded by few Turkish filmmakers under Serdar Burhan Kalsýn's leadership in Los Angeles, California in 2004.

Why is it called Turksinentertainment?

Turksinentertainment primarily gathers all Turks and Turkish people in entertainment industry under one name so they have an opportunity to meet each other and be easily found by anyone who is interested in working with them.

Is it required to be a Turk or Turkish in order to be a member of

No. Being a professional in entertainment industry or a student is enough to apply for a membership to TIE is a tool for people of entertainment industry of Türkiye and the world to meet and create new projects together.

What do you mean by the entertainment industry?

We mean all the titles in our profession category as The Entertainment Industry. Though we are always including new titles and if your title is not in the list please let us know and we will put it promptly.

Does have any kind of affiliation or connection to any political group or any kind of corporation?


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