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Giovanni Scognamillo

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Giovanni Scognamillo

This is my first encounter with you and I guess I have to introduce myself stating (shortly) that I am an old film buff, movie historian, non fiction and fiction writer and University teacher. I started watching movies at the age of 4, writing about them when I was 18 years old and working in them when I reached my middle 30’s. I worked always in commercial films or tv series/films, never tried to do something by myself (except directing two scenes in a Riccardo Freda film) and, perhaps, never trusting in my abilities as a director (nor as a screenwriter). Anyway I am not the subject of this article, just wanted a short introduction and that’s it.

Let’s come to the main point: making movies and why. The “why” is obvious: some are expressing themselves with words, some with music notes and some with moving pictures. You are part of this last category and are doing your best to work out something according to possibilities.

I know from dear Ertuð that things are far from being easy for all of you but, as you well know, things are always difficult at the beginning mostly if you live and work in a foreign country and you have to assert yourself into the American Way of Life without loosing anything of your cultural and national roots. This, I think, is the main point: by living in the States you do not have to do what they are doing but, instead, to show them what YOU can do. We all have to learn from each others and if we are, really, living in a global world – although globalism means also capitalism – we have first of all to share our respective cultures and reach some common points or, better, some common values. Undoubtedly what I am writing has to be discussed and mostly criticised (and that’s what I am expecting you to do, if you feel like). While in Istanbul, Ertuð asked me “What can we do?” and my answer was: “Try to collect your means in the States but use them in Turkey”. Indeed, easy to say but whatever the situation is one is forced (and forced) to look at the future and prepare the future with a good share of hope, even of fantasy.

Well, this is a begining and I hope that the rest will come if you all would like to.

Best and good work,

Giovanni Scognamillo

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